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Advanced Data Analytics

Supporting a data-driven organization

The essential part of digital transformation is the strong emergence of analytics to support modern enterprises’ shift from a process-centric viewpoint to a more data-centric and data-driven. Applying “higher-value” business insights drives strategic decision-making and increases the value of the organization.

What can your data give you?

— Sharpened strategies

— Accurate decision-making

— Revenue growth 

Become a data-driven enterprise and use advanced analytics to make controlled decisions on the fly.

Consistent, reliable, and non-redundant data shown through executive dashboards can gain a competitive edge over rival companies in any industry. Optimizing internal business processes and driving decision-making with insightful reports allows more time for identifying emerging market trends.

ADA software development process

1 —

Business goal — Defining your pain point, collecting information, and setting expectations. Combining your industry knowledge with our know-how to come upon the solution plan that brings the most value to your company.

2 —

Data collection & understanding — Delving into what data we need to meet the goals – examining the data and laying the groundwork to extract its full use.

3 —

Development — Developing a robust analytics solution that meets your business’ needs – exploratory analysis, interactive dashboards, predictive modeling.

4 —

Testing & review — Validation of created solution on historical data. Analyzing implemented approach and returning to the business goal, data understanding, and potentially development until a solution meets the requirements.

5 —

Support —Staying responsive to your occurring questions, resolving unforeseen challenges, and providing support during the whole development cycle.

Tools and technology we are using


Tools and languages




Data analytics platforms

Microsoft Power BI

Deployment options


Microsoft Azure


Google Cloud

Questions and Answers

Here is a list of questions and answers that may have popped up in your mind. If there are questions we didn’t consider, don't hesitate to contact us. 👋

What information would we need you to provide us in order to tailor the advanced analytics solution?

To create an advanced analytics solution, we need to understand which data sources power your business operations and know your business goals. Knowing what you need enables us to track the results using actual business KPIs and develop creative ideas to reach your goals.

There’s no need to be. We like to sign an NDA with each of our clients. The non-disclosure agreement keeps the lid on sensitive information, maintains trust, and prevents any information from leaking out. Our team working on the project will not share or discuss any of the accessed data with others. In addition we are using industry standard security practices to ensure your data is kept in a safe environment and protected from unauthorized use.

The duration of each ADA project depends on the goal scope and the current state of your data. The data needs to be gathered, connected, and easy to access to get started with the development phase. Already having structured data can save months of work.

The later steps of the development process go much faster. With the proper understanding of collected data, an analytics platform solution can be deployed in weeks.

Advanced data analytics are rather a long-term investment. When starting such a project, you should go all-in in terms of getting the right stakeholders from your company on board in order to maximise the analytics platform potential. And remember: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step - Lao Tzu.

That’s great, having a consolidated data store enables us to focus on the “advanced” part of the analytics workload, providing insights into your data and developing sophisticated predictive models that can be used across your organization to support better decision-making using operational data points.

Part of our commitment is ensuring you are getting right value for your buck. This is why we are open to working on a proof of concept with you to demonstrate how we can use the advanced analytics platform to ingest your data, visualize it using PowerBI dashboards, and even demonstrate lightweight machine learning models. Each PoC is specific for any customer and we like to start the discussion with a workshop with stakeholders and power-users from your organization to understand the business case and determine a way how to show most value in the PoC phase.

Pilot is a joint engagement between your organization and, if it is successful and you continue with the advanced analytics platform implementation we provide the PoC effort as an investment on our side. If you decide not to continue using the platform we charge a smaller fee (70% of the resource consumption in the PoC phase).