Improved internal support

INA wanted to streamline communication between internal customers and service providers and ensure instant support to employees by shortening the time needed to get internal data regarding personnel administration such as leave of absence and salary or IT Helpdesk supply-related matters.

The must-haves

Since the chatbot solution was intended for internal use, the requirement was to keep the chatbot accessible only to the employees. Meaning, integration with an internal portal and user authentication was a must.

The second requirement was making a process of acquiring internal information less time-consuming and exhausting, both for the person seeking the information and for the one who’s providing it.

INA, d.d. is a medium-sized European oil company. INA Group has a leading role in the Croatian oil business, a strong position in the region in oil and gas exploration, production, processing, and product distribution activities employing over 10 000 people.


- Bilingual chatbot

- User authentication

- Human-agent transfer

- Editable knowledge base

- Searchable conversation history

- Chatbot analytics and reports

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How did we help?

We delivered a chatbot solution consisting of a virtual chat agent and Chatbot Manager application. Web-based chatbot answers frequently asked questions regarding employee administration, IT support, and supply chain management, leaving the correspondent departments with more time to deal with more complex tasks.

According to each situation, the chatbot provides guidance when collecting additional information from the user or automatically gives the wanted information.

Web interface Chatbot Manager made for supervision chatbot’s performance, allows INA to adjust its knowledge base after the bot has been deployed without any programming knowledge, and gathers conversation history that can later be used for insights.

Webchat is integrated with multiple INA’s SharePoint websites. To access the chatbot, users have to be successfully authenticated through a SharePoint AD login. This bilingual chatbot supports English and Croatian so users can choose their preferred language and easily switch between supported languages at any time during the conversation.

The bot can answer questions related to a predefined knowledge base defined by a client. The chatbot interprets the meaning of occurring conversational text and provides users with answers of the best correspondence to keywords from their queries. Quick information access is also granted by easy document distribution and integration with internal systems such as Active Directory, SAP, and employee database.

When an employee has some more complex questions, this virtual agent in real-time redirects the conversation to a human one. Conversations conducted through the chatbot interface are automatically archived and used for analysis and reporting later on, e.g. unanswered questions can be used for continuous knowledge base upgrade.

Chabot Manager is a web application for chatbot administrators and call center agents. It contains a dashboard showing downloadable statistics regarding chatbot usage for the selected period and searchable conversation history that can be of great use to support agents when they take over a conversation at a user’s request.

INA got our understanding of its business needs and full assistance in automating information distribution between internal customers and service providers. The most significant proof of INA’s satisfaction is that we started with one segment of support, personnel administration, and then expanded to other areas such as IT support and supply chain management.

This new communication method leaves our IT support department and TRS with more time to deal with more complex and vital tasks.