Automated structured banking processes

*Due to client data protection and business secret, we are not allowed to specify the bank.

Constantly looking to increase its efficiency and cut costs, the bank wanted to revitalize some of its old systems, which required a lot of manual intervention. It also wanted to connect some of its systems, for which a native connection was not possible.

The must-haves

Considering the industry standards, rigorous scrutiny, and high regulations, the name of the game was reliability. As some of the tasks are sensitive, scrupulous accuracy was a must. There was little room for error. A robot had to be efficient, consistent and compliant with policies, with a clear audit trail left behind.

The client is one of the biggest banks in the CEE region employing over 1 000 people, with a large customer base and a wide range of products and services. As any large institution does, this commercial bank consists of a complex mix of people, processes and technologies.

We provide

- Process discovery - process happening often, requiring a lot of manual work and are mostly repetitive

- Process development - reliable software robots compliant with policies and requirements

- Governance - process management (reporting, administration, monitoring)

- Getting things done - automating 23 processes in a year

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Here is a more detailed overview of this case study containing insights into automation use cases inside the banking industry with the purpose to give better understanding of software robots’ powers.

How did we help?

By talking to business users, we were able to pinpoint internal processes that often happen, require a lot of manual work and are mostly repetitive. This gave us a list of candidates suitable for automation using Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

After the first three months of development and testing, we automated more than 10 processes, saving an average of 0.25 full-time equivalent (FTE) per process, or around 3 FTEs in total. After a year, over twenty processes were automated and even more queued up.

Robots live on remote machines (VMs). Depending on the process, different things can trigger the robots, such as Excel files placed in a shared folder, email with keywords in the subject sent to an address, hourly or daily triggers, etc.

The robots then follow the exact steps a business user would take, clicking and interacting on the user interface of different applications.

At the end of each process, a report is sent to the users summarizing the work done.

While the description may vary, the key is structure and repetitiveness. This includes OCR reading of incoming documents, looking up data in various internal systems, comparing it, deciding on if-then-else rules, executing simple math operations, transferring data between systems, creating letters and reports, etc. We started with back-office processes, then extended the project to controlling and accounting departments.

First, we started with one process, getting the bank familiar with the technology and getting us familiar with the processes. After the concept was successfully proven, we organized workshops and showcase presentations throughout the bank. This propagated the technology and enabled us to make an RPA roadmap. More and more processes were automated and after 6 months the savings reached the investments. After a year, over twenty processes were automated, and even more queued up. is one of the most experienced companies in RPA technology in the region. We have a perfect track record and one of the most extensive automated process portfolio. Through the years, we developed a set of best-practices and know-how and we use tried and proven methods.

Being a development company first, we covered a wider range of processes by integrating RPA with our custom software and AI modules such as websites & APIs, OCR or text processing.

As a small and agile firm, we’ve brought first results in record time and helped a large enterprise stay responsive, revitalizing its applications with the help of a new digital workforce.

We are now running a fleet of robots with savings ranging to ten or twenty times the size of our initial investment, and our colleagues are finally free to dedicate their talent to tasks involving creativity and serious complex problem-solving.

- Director Banking Operations