Benefits and options of becoming a Databricks partner

Becoming a Databricks partner has opened a world of benefits and options for our company. In this blog post, we will discuss the different opportunities that Databricks offers its partners and how our employees have profited from the partnership. 

1. Benefits for our company

Let’s start with company benefits that Databricks has divided into three groups: 

  • Engagement 
  • Marketing 
  • Sales & technical enablement  


As a Registered partner*, one of the options we have is being listed on the Databricks Directory, where potential clients can find us among more than 700 other companies that partner with them. 

Next, we can assist with exclusive partner insights (i.e., newsletters) or register an opportunity to become eligible for DCIF - Databricks Customer Investment Funds (we still haven’t tried that out, but fingers crossed). 

Some other features we have are access to the Partner Portal, which allows us to use the Databricks Lakehouse Platform for new use cases and strategic project leadership. 

* You can also become a Select or Elite partner if you meet the criteria. 



In this group of benefits, we can get marketing support from Databricks and access to marketing materials in the Partner Portal previously explained. In addition, we can use the digital tier badge to promote the partner program status. 


Sales & technical enablement 

Regarding the sales and technical enablement benefits, we are eligible for unlimited self-paced and instructor-led technical training, which is already proving its worth.  

In addition, we also have access to the Databricks Platform and sales training.  

Through the Databricks Platform, we can see the industry use cases that can be useful.


2. Benefits for employees 

In addition to the company benefits, various options are available to employees, such as access to the Databricks Community, which provides all necessary information to Data Engineers. 

The partnership has further aided our engineers by providing them with a sandbox environment to test their data without impacting the actual data, and being data enthusiasts as we are, this really cheered us up. 

The Databricks Academy offers a significant advantage, including the opportunity to request certificate discounts. We have already won some certifications, and plan to explore the Academy even further.  

Additionally, the Data Brew and Brick by Brick podcasts are available for our Data Engineers to listen to while managing their data, where one can hear new and interesting things.  


3. How we became a Databricks partner 

Becoming a Databricks partner was a simple process, as we were suitable due to our current use of Databricks in our projects (case study coming out soon). We could apply through their website, receive approval via email, and start the partnership program. Now your turn.  


4. A few words from our Data Engineer