Success stories. Applicable to your company. 

Here are some projects we have worked on. They might help you get a better feeling of potential use cases inside your company. We selected the ones that can best demonstrate the benefits of applied automation and AI to the business model. 

Conducting an unbiased survey

The client wanted to get feedback from customers on specific products with the ability to change and define the monthly target survey number.

AI-powered contract processing

IMPULS-LEASING wanted to switch from manual processing to automated one to save time, money, and employee energy.

Smart 360° vehicle view

NEOSTAR wanted to make the process of car resale as simple as possible by providing users with smart vehicle inspection and 360° photographing.

Automated structured banking processes

The bank wanted to revitalize some of its legacy manual systems, as well as to connect some of its newer systems for which a native connection was not possible.

Improved internal support

INA wanted to streamline communication between internal customers and service providers and ensure instant support to employees.

Automating 5 key banking processes

Generating reports for middle and upper management. Inserting loan plans in internal applications. Bookings of special fees. Blacklist removals. Changes in card limits. All automated. No human needs to book into legacy core systems anymore.

Automated appointment scheduling

Lekarna Ljubljana searched for a practical solution to replace manual appointment scheduling via phone and emails.

Streamlined customer support

EOS Matrix’s wanted to provide prompt answers to their clients by automatically answering their frequently asked questions.

The first Smart City Chatbot in Croatia

The City of Karlovac wanted to open new communication channels with its citizens and come across as a more transparent city.