Vantage is an AI-powered software that can automatically detect and identify people
on footage in real time. From security feeds to video archives, Vantage can cross-reference all detected faces with a known database and process vast amounts of data securely on-premises or in the cloud.

Our system achieved an accuracy of 99.17% on LFW while performing in real time on compatible GPU hardware. Aside from the processing engine we also offer an intuitive web dashboard that refreshes in real-time and can be used to manage and re-train the known person database. We offer our clients full integration solution in their environment along with GDPR compliance consulting.

Working principle

Vantage work flow.png

MAIN Features and benefits

  • Constant supervision

    24/7 uninterrupted run time with
    consistent results

  • Known person identification

    Distinction between i.e. employees and visitors

  • Detailed entry log

    Searchable, exportable log of every entry

  • Notifications

    Mobile, email or browser notifications

  • Analytics

    Visitor statistics and insights

  • Scalability

    Multi-camera processing, modular engine that can run on multiple machines