Robotic process automation (RPA) enables you to automate business processes using software robots.

RPA bots imitate human actions to preform specific tasks while using the same application interfaces as your employees do. Some of those actions are login and logout, reading and sending emails, generating and distributing documents, creating reports, etc. Bot’s abilities can further be extended by applying AI cognitive models and algorithms to interpret various data.

We offer a complete consulting regarding implementation of RPA platforms (Softomotive and UIPath) from initial process selection consulting, RPA solution development to RPA governance consulting and on-going support.

Use cases

RPA use cases.png


  • Client reporting

  • Payment processing

  • Data cleaning

  • Employee on-boarding

  • Underwriting

  • Claim handling

  • Compliance reporting


  • Integrations between two complex systems

  • Integrate legacy systems without replacing them


  • Verify correctness, functional behavior, and usability of apps and programs

  • Achieve stable development velocity

Robotic process automation BenefitS

  • Accuracy

    Reduced procedural errors

  • Consistency

    Consistent results and tasks duration

  • Productivity

    Higher speed and throughput

  • Scalability

    Easy to scale up or down the operations

  • Time efficiency

    24/7 working hours

  • Cost efficiency

    Estimated ROI from 6 to 12 months