The aim of our work is to apply technological breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence to create insights and provide business value to our customers. Our software can learn to process images, video and text almost as well as people, and preform simple cognitive tasks.

Automation of business processes enables people to concentrate on those tasks in which they are truly irreplaceable. We provide various solutions from algorithms designed to find required samples or objects in pictures to interactive chatbots that can facilitate interaction with the end user.

These are all technologies that can add new value and increase business efficiency.


Chatbots as virtual assistants can conduct conversation through the chat interfaces and be in direct contact with your customers or employees. They are effective at what they do and can offer instant value.

From customer support virtual agents that can troubleshoot problems, provide information and manage tickets, to HR hiring virtual assistants that promote company, collect data and generate reports, we design and develop custom chatbots to suit your business’ needs.

Our chatbot solutions include multi-platform and multi-lingual virtual chat agents with administrative web interface for chatbot’s performance oversight and adjustment of its knowledge base. Bots can be integrated with existing company’s systems to acquire necessary user or other information.


Chatbot’s valueS

  • 24/7 Avaliability

    Available 24/7, multi-platform (Web chat, Messenger, SMS, e-mail..) and multi-lingual

  • Simultaneous conversations

    Able to communicates with multiple people simultaneously

  • Customizable

    Customizable in terms of tonality and personality

  • AI-powered

    Extendable with AI cognitive capability

  • Possible to integrate

    Integrates with existing systems (Active Directory, SAP, SharePoint, etc.)

  • Time and cost effective

    Reduces workload, saves time & money

Vantage is an AI-powered software that can automatically detect and identify people
on footage in real time. From security feeds to video archives, Vantage can cross-reference all detected faces with a known database and process vast amounts of data securely on-premises or in the cloud.

Our system achieved an accuracy of 99.17% on LFW while performing in real time on compatible GPU hardware. Aside from the processing engine we also offer an intuitive web dashboard that refreshes in real-time and can be used to manage and re-train the known person database. We offer our clients full integration solution in their environment along with GDPR compliance consulting.

Working principle

Vantage work flow.png

MAIN Features and benefits

  • Constant supervision

    24/7 uninterrupted run time with
    consistent results

  • Known person identification

    Distinction between i.e. employees and visitors

  • Detailed entry log

    Searchable, exportable log of every entry

  • Notifications

    Mobile, email or browser notifications

  • Analytics

    Visitor statistics and insights

  • Scalability

    Multi-camera processing, modular engine that can run on multiple machines

Robotic process automation (RPA) enables you to automate business processes using software robots.

RPA bots imitate human actions to preform specific tasks while using the same application interfaces as your employees do. Some of those actions are login and logout, reading and sending emails, generating and distributing documents, creating reports, etc. Bot’s abilities can further be extended by applying AI cognitive models and algorithms to interpret various data.

We offer a complete consulting regarding implementation of RPA platforms (Softomotive and UIPath) from initial process selection consulting, RPA solution development to RPA governance consulting and on-going support.

Use cases

RPA use cases.png


  • Client reporting

  • Payment processing

  • Data cleaning

  • Employee on-boarding

  • Underwriting

  • Claim handling

  • Compliance reporting


  • Integrations between two complex systems

  • Integrate legacy systems without replacing them


  • Verify correctness, functional behavior, and usability of apps and programs

  • Achieve stable development velocity

Robotic process automation BenefitS

  • Accuracy

    Reduced procedural errors

  • Consistency

    Consistent results and tasks duration

  • Productivity

    Higher speed and throughput

  • Scalability

    Easy to scale up or down the operations

  • Time efficiency

    24/7 working hours

  • Cost efficiency

    Estimated ROI from 6 to 12 months

Machine learning and neural networks enable computers to process large amounts of data, learn from it, and make independent decisions or give insights. Our expert multi-domain data scientists can work with your data in order to use bleeding-edge technologies to streamline your operations.

Applications can range from detecting objects and their properties on images (i.e. detecting and identifying cars and people, text extraction), work with text (i.e. extract meaning, sentiment analysis) to complete custom solutions (automatically adjust prices, detect inefficiencies, fraud detection).

Computer vision

Acquiring, processing, analyzing and understanding digital images or video.


Face analysis

Detect & identify people on image or footage


Signature verification

Automatically check if a signature is valid



Extract data from printed or handwritten texts


Object detection

Detect shapes and objects on images and footage


Acquiring, processing, analyzing and understanding natural language.


Text categorization

Analyze large texts and place into classes or groups


Similar texts

Get a list of most relevant/similar texts


Statistics & visualizations

Get most often used words, topics or visualize text


Asset extraction

Detect shapes and objects on images and footage

Leverage neural networks to process images, text or large amounts of data!