Chatbots as virtual assistants can conduct conversation through the chat interfaces and be in direct contact with your customers or employees. They are effective at what they do and can offer instant value.

From customer support virtual agents that can troubleshoot problems, provide information and manage tickets, to HR hiring virtual assistants that promote company, collect data and generate reports, we design and develop custom chatbots to suit your business’ needs.

Our chatbot solutions include multi-platform and multi-lingual virtual chat agents with administrative web interface for chatbot’s performance oversight and adjustment of its knowledge base. Bots can be integrated with existing company’s systems to acquire necessary user or other information.


Chatbot’s valueS

  • 24/7 Avaliability

    Available 24/7, multi-platform (Web chat, Messenger, SMS, e-mail..) and multi-lingual

  • Simultaneous conversations

    Able to communicates with multiple people simultaneously

  • Customizable

    Customizable in terms of tonality and personality

  • AI-powered

    Extendable with AI cognitive capability

  • Possible to integrate

    Integrates with existing systems (Active Directory, SAP, SharePoint, etc.)

  • Time and cost effective

    Reduces workload, saves time & money