Fifth time ‘round the Sun

It feels like yesterday when we were writing the Once more 'round the Sun blog post. And today we are publishing the one looking back on 2022. It was a rough year, like Slaven said „čupava“, during which we grew a lot and learn a lot.

So, let's wrap it up.

Creating a world without boring jobs – sanity check

It seems that our unwritten code is: progress and grow, and don’t screw clients or people over along the way, pardon our French. Said in a more specific way, we try not to promise what we can't deliver and be considerate towards people’s personal situations. It's not always easy, and not always perfect.

And how do we handle business? Word-of-mouth was from the beginning our favorite way of getting new clients. This year, referrals increased and our long-term clients wanted to enter some new serious projects. It was time to start making our internal processes more structured and efficient and be the real OzbiljnaFirma123*.

*An internal joke from one of our first demo projects when we set OzbiljnaFirma123 as a password and found ourselves in a situation where we had to write it down in front of the client. Good times.



Every human deserves not to be treated like a robot

50 employees in the 5th year of existence. Once again, we’ve almost doubled our count during the year. It was necessary because projects are not gonna deliver themselves. And the least we can offer as an employer is respect and transparency. Two grounded approaches that change the world.  

This year, we put our focus on hiring more mids, seniors, and our very own HR to handle the arrival of 23 new people and contribute to the satisfaction of 50 of us. It's definitely a job for two, and even though we are still considered a small company, the growth and progress we want to achieve the next year require good HR support. 

And like always, we continued investing in our personal growth and knowledge. The most important change was introducing a 25-day annual leave baseline. It is really allowing us to manage challenges and deliver projects at acceptable quality levels.

Some other smaller changes are also making a difference. We are making sure that people, who have most of their working hours scheduled, spend 4 hours a week working on things that interest them, but normally don't get the necessary time to dig deeper. We got 6 new certificates in the area of robotic process automation, development, and data science, and attended 5 conferences in Las Vegas, London, Zadar, Rovinj, and Zagreb where we learned new things and met new people.


But we are not alone

The little tradition of ours that we created during these 5 years is that at the end of the year we look for an association that often goes under the radar and donate money for specific purposes. This year we decided to help Firefly, an association for helping children and families facing malignant diseases, in a form of buying new laptops for children in the hospital to make their days easier to pass.

Additionally, during the year and with Span’s help, we participated in Project O2 and planted some trees (by some meaning six thousand and two) and did a little something for future generations.  


Little 2022 victories

5 years of existence.
25-day annual leave baseline.
Top B2B company in Croatia.
23 new people.
1 new, and much-needed, office speaker. 
1 000 + LinkedIn followers.
3 parties.
Moving logo.
14 participated events.
1 reorganization and 3 new teams.
29 new projects.
1 new soon-to-be-launched product.


Excited to see what 2023 brings!

But, we sure won’t sit with crossed hands and wait. On the contrary. We are taking our well-deserved break, to charge the batteries and enjoy holiday time with our dear people. Then, we are coming back, ready for new business challenges, with some new ideas on how to take care of our mental health, and ready to emphasize the importance of our values and continue putting them in front of everything we do. Join us on our journey!

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