Our secret to lasting client relationships

Commitment to our customers is something we’re very much proud of – it is one of our guiding values after all. And when some of our relationships last longer than 4 years, as is the case with ZABA, it speaks to the quality and integrity we bring to the table. 

We met ZABA through our mutual friend Span and we’ve stuck together through all the things life threw at us. Projects, deadlines, pandemics - you name it, we've endured it. And for that we are very grateful. We know we couldn't have done it without our dedicated and hardworking employees and a good relationship with our clients. 

In order to achieve this longevity of our relationship, and ensure that we keep up the good work and communication, we decided to engage in some friendly rivalry.

2019 - Let the battle begin

We started by organizing a team building for both our and ZABA's employees and taking them to laser tag. Team buildings are a great way to build trust, get to know each other better, and boost team performance. Also - it gives way to bragging rights, at least until the next one. 

ZABA was one man short, so we lent them Josip. As it turned out, Josip is not only awesome at his job, he also rocks at laser tag. We lost 4:1 and Josip had a lot to do with that. That’s why, almost 3 years after our first team building, we knew it was time for another one.

Also, fun fact, Josip has been with ZABA since his Span days - so even longer than us!

2022 - Time for a rematch

Fast forward to 2022, Josip is still killing it at ZABA, as well as on the laser tag arena. And this time Josip had back up in Martin, another one of our RPA developers working at ZABA. He was also the proud victor of Battle Royale, a game mode in which every man is left for himself. 

So, as you might have guessed, our team failed to bring home the victory again. Looks like a re-rematch is in order.


We can rest well knowing we have awesome, dedicated employees, and that our clients have top-notch guys to rely on. 

All in all, it was a Friday afternoon very well spent. And hopefully, no new pandemics arise to postpone our next team building. 

P.S. Have you tried banana flavored beer already? We have, after the game two weeks ago, and we’re still not sure what to make of it.

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