Once more 'round the Sun

Hi, you! Asking yourself what happened behind the keyboards at in the last 12 months? Come with us, we can't wait to tell you. 

Started with the pandemic, now we here

We weren’t sure what the year would bring, so we planned the best-case, the okay-case, and the worst-case scenario for Fortunately, the best-case happened, and today, we have more active projects than ever before and the highest number of people making them happen.

Last year, we were already the best in class for RPA technology in the region. This year, we became recognized as a go-to company for data analytics and intelligent solutions by attracting international clients. And we get positive feedback on their own accord on a monthly basis. Even our good-case scenario wasn’t this good.

With the help of, we are now running a fleet of robots with savings ranging to ten or twenty times the size of our initial investment, and our colleagues are finally free to dedicate their talent to meaningful tasks which involve creativity, thought and serious complex problem-solving. - Slovenian bank (RPA client)

Just getting more and more better and better, who initiated this one? - international retailer (Advanced Data Analytics client)

Another checkpoint we passed at the very end of this year is becoming the Microsoft Gold Partner in the Data Analytics area, just the first step of our certification plan. Even though a great run is in front of us, we are happy to celebrate this milestone. And we have no intent to stop improving the quality of our service provision. 

Joined a challenge –  FCC

We wanted to be cool, so we started our challenge. 😎 If your first thought on FCC is Face Centred Cubic or Federal Communications Commission, let us tell you we have a slightly different idea in our minds. We are talking about Fitness Consistency Challenge in July.

We had two rules: consistency is the key, and number 3 will set us free. We also had 4 weeks, 23 people, and ∞ activities. When someone trained or did another activity for a predefined time, they got a green cell in our Standing Excel file. Anyone who had three green cells in a week, three weeks in a row, won an Arena gift card with a deposit of 300 kn.

To get things more exciting and less money-driven, we spiced things up with golden cells. When three or more people did the activity together, they won the gold. A total of 60 golden cells would buy us an office Nintendo switch console. Unfortunately, we didn't unlock that level. But we did have fun. 

FCC results?

  • 18 challenge participants
  • 6 spontaneous teambuildings
  • A lot more muscle inflammation
  • 26 golden cells
  • 218 green cells
  • 16 gift cards won

Time well spent – we recommend this challenge.

Grew for 16 people

Ana, another Ana, Antonio, another Antonio, Arsim, Branimir, Dragana, Iva, Ivan, another Ivan, Ivana, Luka, Martin, Petar, another Petar, and Zvonimir. They all chose to start working at We appreciate the trust they showed us, and it makes us happy to see the enthusiasm in their everyday work.

With so many people coming on board, we decided to upgrade our bonding and teambuilding time. So, for the first time, we went on two-day teambuilding. We chose Istria as the destination and exciting games to have some fun.

The games we played there gave us interesting team insights. For example, the escape castle told us who the most competitive team is. At the same time, the city treasure hunt showed us who knows how to persuade the townspeople the most.  

Fun fact: while two years ago we had just three girls on our team, today we count 11 of them (40%). They bring kindness and fun to our office. Of course, we would be kind and funny even without them, but we are happy they are here.

Supported others

We never dreamed about this significant growth during the pandemic years. But clients recognized our value, and projects are piling up. We know we are still too small to make a substantial difference in the world with our corporate social responsibility activities. Still, we want to support those we see great value in.

Kraljev govor is one of them. They are a speech therapy of new age. Using emerging technology, Kraljev govor brings some numb throat and vocal cord muscles back to life. Can you believe the impact they have on people's lives? They give them a voice, the ability to speak.

When we heard of their work, we got in touch to see if they needed any help. Unfortunately, they were missing electromagnetic machines to treat a more significant number of children and people. So we donated the money required to purchase the device. The joy and gratitude we received warmed our hearts during these cold December days.

Moved into new space

If you wish to give us a visit, we are still at Savska cesta 32. Same building, different floor. As our team got bigger, the office got too crowded. So we rolled up our sleeves and threw ourselves into interior design.

Two months fast-forward, we are celebrating this year's success in our new spacious office. Spacious? Yes, it’s about Space. You know, black matter, planets, satellites aka workspace, conference rooms, phone booths. We thought it may inspire us to realize endless possibilities in every aspect depending on personal will and effort.

A lot of energy was given to setting up a new place, and it sure paid out. Here is just a sneak peek before official photos come in. 

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