We smile as we look back

Hi, reader, thank you for showing interest in our lifetime review. For three years now, we have been a company that is letting AI learn from people augmenting their abilities in everyday work. So we stopped for a moment to apprehend everything we achieved. 


B as brave, b as boost, b as

As we look back, we see five people at the beginning of 2018 who are sharing passion, interest, and desire to help companies extract more value from their businesses. Adriano, Davor, Mario and Martina have our full respect for building us up and being a great support to Slaven from day one.

From that bravery to start building a company from the ground, became able not only to help companies with their business efficiency but also to support individuals in different philanthropic ways.  

Today, our goal hasn't much changed. We are a team of 19 people creating a world without boring jobs. During those 3 years of setup and growth, we recognized our shared values we want to continue grooming. Innovation. Accountability. Commitment to customers. Quality. Integrity. Constant improvement. They keep us together and they keep us on track.


Started from the bottom, now we here.


We are very proud of our achievements. Happy to say that we are able to apply our mission, partner up with great companies, support and encourage our employees. 

From year to year, we grow exponentially by seizing opportunities and stepping out of our comfort zone. Building strong relationships with our clients and helping them reduce tedious tasks, keeps us motivated. The dynamic atmosphere combined with office power-ups* help us in helping others.

*coffee, fruit, tea, sparkling water, bad jokes


New logo for the new era

Our clients today have a better understanding of what we can offer and deliver than they could have had three years ago. In order to symbolically represent the change, we have cut clear an artificial tree (our former logo). We got rid of multiple lines as easily as we remove boring tasks from people's lives.

However, we have kept the dots. They remind us of our values and to-the-point approach.



A lot is yet to come

Boring jobs have not yet been erased from the world so our pretty straightforward plan is to keep doing our job until they move to the past. 

Stay tuned!

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