New logo here, and it is on the dot

Dots connected with firmed lines - a visual representation of an artificial neural network, applied on a bonsai tree. Yes, that’s the logo you recognize.

We wanted to cut it clear a bit, so we pulled out the lines. It’s a sign of removing boring jobs out of your business. 

The new logo points out our most important values – innovation and accountability.



Artificial intelligence is always a bit out of the box. Why? New paths to the world without boring jobs can’t be created in an old-fashioned way. At least that’s what we believe in. We let our minds move freely and cross the obstacles. Similar to the nine-dot puzzle.


You can count on us in every moment. Our AI solutions let you focus on things in which you are truly irreplaceable. And we deliver them on the dot. Besides, the service of ongoing support encourages you to give automation the benefit of the doubt that it deserves. 


Our visual identity might have changed but the point is
– still gives you excellence through automation.

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