Team building 2019 – laser tag, Bonsai vs Zagrebacka banka

It was a beautiful Sunday with the Sun high in the sky, a perfect day for some outdoor fun. The plan was simple - two teams of ten players from two organization will match their skills in the game of laser tag. Since our opponent (and one of our first clients), Zagrebačka banka, showed up a man short, we had to borrow one of our employees to keep things fair. Little did we know that the choice we made would bring us the most harm.

laser tag (133).jpg

It was around 3 in the afternoon when we gathered, but since it was a bit early we decided to have a drink (or two) first. One hour and a few drinks later we finally geared up and started to play. The game had five parts, each with different scenarios. For the warm-up round, we started with some classic team deathmatch with ten players on each side. The playing field was set up in a forest with a bunker at the top of the hill. In the first part of the game, Zagrebačka banka had the leverage of the bunker and gained a nice head start, flawlessly annihilating our team. Afterwards, we switched places, but even the favorable position and heavy fighting didn’t help us to win the second part. At that moment we had to step up our game if we wanted to stay in the race because the other team wasn’t joking around.

It was not the defeat that troubled us, but something that the game master mentioned when reading the statistics. It turned out that a player who inflicted us the most damage was Josip - our very own employee who we lent to Zagrebačka banka to balance out the teams.


So the third part of the game came with a new playing field. The new setting was located by a stream, and the shores were connected with three bridges. The scenery was peaceful, but you could feel the danger lurking around the corner. This round, although similar to the previous ones, had a little twist. The base of every team included a medical box which the players could use to revive themselves. We spread wide and hit them hard, but the other team was well fortified and the victory escaped us once again. We didn’t let that affect us much. We kept our spirits high and were determined to win.

laser tag (152).jpg

The following scenarios were much different than the previous. Now we had three pillars located in the center of each bridge. The goal was to activate each pillar and hold it for five minutes. In order to activate a pillar, we needed to get within a few centimeters and then fire a bullet (laser) directly at the pillar. The problem was that if you were under fire your gun was blocked and you couldn’t shoot with it. The whole team needed to work together to suppress the other team and to clear the path for one player to activate the pillars. We planned our strategy carefully and fought hard. It finally paid off. The victory was ours. Players from Zagrebačka banka were not happy with that result and eagerly waited the next and final game to take their revenge. After a long and exhausting fight, they managed to do so.


After three hours, the final result in the battlefield was 4 to 1 in favor of Zagrebačka banka. The game was over and it was time for well-deserved drinks. We all sat down together and shared our battle stories - who was the fastest, who was a better tactician and who placed most hits to the other side. All in all, it was a fun day. We at Bonsai are glad to have partners and friends in Zagrebačka banka, and hereby are challenging them for a rematch.