Excellence through automation

We build AI solutions to automate business processes so your team can focus on things in which they are truly irreplaceable

Empower your business with AI solutions

Automation is a need-to-have, not a nice-to-have, in the modern business world. Learn more about technologies we use to make you excellent and feel free to contact us.

AI-powered contract processing

10x decreased time per contract processing, 95% solution accuracy with possible override, 100% on-prem

Automated structured banking processes

23 automated processes, 6 FTE savings, revitalized existing applications and system.

Automated appointment scheduling

Video conferencing possibility, detailed audit log, automatically provided questionnaires and generated reports

Streamlined customer support

24/7 possible insight into personal debt status, instantly answered FAQs, user verification

The first Smart City Chatbot in Croatia

Non-stop virtual support, reduced employee workload, instant information access for the citizens